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Special Deja Vu Podcast Up Now!

Super excited to announce that over the weekend we dropped a special new episode of The Mockingcast, devoted to The Deja Vu Issue of the magazine. I love these magazine casts, not just cause I enjoy so hearing from Ethan and the various contributors, but because it gives us a chance to slow down the process and utilize some extra production flourishes–and give listeners a bit more.

This time around, Ethan takes us on a tour of issue, interviewing all-stars Jacob Smith, Nancy Hanna, and Simeon Zahl. Together they talk subjectivity, wedding dresses, lost doctrines, and where grace touches down in everyday life. Listeners also find out about an exclusive promotion! Very much worth your time (and worth sharing with others).

Listen on iTunes, Google Play, Spotify, Stitcher or Fireside.

It's Up! The Humor Episode of The Mockingcast

Sliding in right between last week’s podcast and next week’s live taping in NYC, we are delighted to deliver this ridiculous journey into the Humor Issue, at the direction of editor Ethan Richardson. Ethan is joined by Ben Maddison and Aaron Zimmerman, who provide enough foolishness on their own, as well as two special guests: Harrison Scott Key, author of The World’s Largest Man, which won the Thurber Prize for being funny, even when it was sad; and Caroline Henley, who invites us into the black, bizarro world of the short-lived, MTV2 comedy Wonder Showzen. We also play the first ever game of “Who Said It: Wonder Showzen or Soren Kierkegaard?” See if you can guess…

That description alone can’t hold a candle to the fun that awaits you, both within the cast and in reading the magazine. A huge shout-out to TJ for the amazing mixing and production.


And get your copy of the magazine here, also available in digital format!

The Mockingcast Rides Again!

Exciting news: we’ve just dropped the first new episode of The Mockingcast in eight months, complete with fresh artwork and music (ht JAZ), as well as the debut of new co-host RJ Heijmen! Among other subjects, David, Sarah, and RJ talk Disneyland, church aunts, harassment, male libido, Advent, and the difference between justice and revenge.

You can listen/subscribe on iTunes, Spotify, Google Play and Stitcher. Oh and the iTunes reviews and ratings didn’t survive the hiatus, so if you feel so inclined… that’d be a huge help.