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Am I My Brother's Keeper?

Am I My Brother’s Keeper?

When I was a kid attending Sunday School in a very traditional Baptist church in the Midwest, we learned Bible stories… I became familiar with the regular cast of characters like Adam and Eve, Noah, David, Moses, etc. I could tell you that Moses parted the Red Sea; Adam and Eve ate an apple; David […]

And of Thine Own Have We Given Thee

And of Thine Own Have We Given Thee

Recently, the Facebook page for my Wisconsin hometown’s history has exploded with photos. There are 19th century photos of the town, including charming photos of tree-lined streets and horse-drawn carriages, and also the town’s darker history, including an “Indian School,” where Native American children were taken to assimilate to white culture after being removed from […]

Grace in Sunday School: A Conference Preview

This breakout comes from Christie Walker and Kemp Hill, who have been involved in ministry for small children for over twenty years, have learned some insightful paths into the heart of the Gospel in a place where it so often seems dried up, what with the felt boards and church ladies. They have since created curricula that seek to bring the Gospel back into Sunday School. In their breakout session, they look into these questions:

How can we share the Gospel with children at church in a fun and meaningful way?  How can we meet the needs of families with children who come to church?  Has anybody ever tried to find a Sunday School curriculum that isn’t just moralism?

We are not “The Church Ladies.” In twenty years of children’s ministry, these are questions we’ve been probing at Christ Episcopal Church.  In our Breakout session, our hope is to explore these questions together and share some things that have worked well for us.

Here’s the audio from the breakout session.


Or, if you prefer, you can download the audio by right clicking here and selecting “Save link As…”

I Know You Owned This

I Know You Owned This

So I stumbled across at work the other day (I promise, only on my lunchbreak) and discovered the best cache of fully working java clones of 8-bit Nintendo game classics I’ve ever seen. And I can still say that Mega Man 2 may be the best video game of all time (seriously). There were […]