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Don't Throw Rhat . . .

Don’t Throw Rhat . . .

Romans 5:20 Now the law came in to increase the trespass . . . . Overheard last night during debate between ESPN college football analyst Mark May and former Notre Dame coach Lou Holtz about South Carolina’s play call late in its game last Saturday versus Kentucky, which resulted in a game ending interception: May: […]

The Big Shaggy

The Big Shaggy

From David Brooks’ editorial in yesterday’s NY Times, an eloquent look at how the current decline in interest in the humanities may well lead to a less profound understanding of human nature, and original sin in particular: “Over the past century or so, people have built various systems to help them understand human behavior: economics, […]

Do You Feel Lucky? Imputation and "The Cooler"

Do You Feel Lucky? Imputation and "The Cooler"

The word “imputation” is the best attempt to translate into English a Greek word that means things like “regard,” or “attribute,” or “accredit,” or “credit.” In a nutshell, it boils down to something like “the treatment of something as having attributes that it does not intrinsically have.” Simple, right? At the recent Mockingbird conference, C. […]

Death and Wal-Mart

Death and Wal-Mart

Well, I have been MIA for the past few weeks due to moving, traveling, etc., but I stumbled across this article on a week or so ago, and thought it worth mentioning. It turns out that Wal-Mart has begun to sell coffins online, that’s right, coffins. Now it is truly your one-stop shopping destination. […]

How Sinners Become Saints - Bp. FitzSimons Allison

How Sinners Become Saints – Bp. FitzSimons Allison

I had the pleasure of hearing Bp. Fitz Allison deliver a home run of a sermon on All Saints Day this past week at my church here in the lowcountry of South Carolina (St. John’s Parish, Johns Island). When I sat down in the pew and noticed the appointed readings for the day, I wondered […]

Secret Lives...

Secret Lives…

This week marks yet another story of the secret lives we are capable of living due to the fallenness of our human nature. Down here in South Carolina, Governor Mark Sanford, a man who has staunchly stood up for family values, was busted for having an extramarital affair with a mistress from Argentina he has […]

Nepotism - A Tribute To John Camp

Nepotism – A Tribute To John Camp

I came across the following album cover yesterday and couldn’t resist posting it in tribute to my brother John. For the past few years, John has been diligently exploring the intersection of historical Anglicanism and the (international) Disco movement of the late 1970s. His findings, of which there are many, can be found on his […]