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Sympathy For Hypocrites According to Dr. Johnson

Sympathy For Hypocrites According to Dr. Johnson

A doozie of a quote from essay 14 of Samuel Johnson’s The Rambler (1750): It is not difficult to conceive, however, that for many reasons a man writes much better than he lives. For, without entering into refined speculations, it may be shown much easier to design than to perform. A man proposes his schemes of life in […]

Samuel Johnson's Rasselas

Samuel Johnson’s Rasselas

Some noteworthy maxims from the Doctor’s 1759 pilgrimage novel The History of Rasselas, The Prince of Abissinia: Every man may, by examining his own mind, guess what passes in the minds of others. Truth, such as is necessary to the regulation of life, is always found where it is honestly sought. I have, said the […]