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Grace in <i>Molly's Game</i>

Grace in Molly’s Game

This one was written by Anna Nott. If you haven’t seen the action/drama/thriller/hint of comedy that is Molly’s Game, I suggest that you stop reading this article, and investigate a way to watch it. Spoilers to follow. I have been a subscriber to MoviePass, i.e. I have access to unlimited movies in theaters (no more […]

All Alone in a Disenchanted Universe

All Alone in a Disenchanted Universe

Did anyone actually see Miss Sloane in theaters? I remember seeing a trailer for it some moon cycles ago, but never did hear much buzz about it. That is, until last weekend, when, after some coaxing from my sister, I watched it on Amazon. In any case, you don’t have to see the movie to […]

Grace in <i>A Most Violent Year</i>

Grace in A Most Violent Year

2015’s cinematic rendition of the Rich Young Ruler comes to us from J.C. Chandor’s A Most Violent Year, which opens with the lead man, Abel, running—fast. Abel later explains that only cowards run, because they are too afraid to face the truth; Abel himself, however, firmly believes that he’s running towards something, not away from […]