This American Gospel: Public Radio Parables and the Grace of God


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For millions of listeners worldwide, the public radio program This American Lifeserves as an indispensable weekly reminder of what it means to be alive. The show has a rare gift for capturing the complexities of life, and in a very deep way does what radio has always sought to do: tell honest, entertaining stories with both humor and heart. In This American Gospel, Ethan Richardson sheds light on the elements of the program that most resonate with the Christian faith, such as the weariness that comes from demand and expectation, and the inspiring power of love and mercy. With playfulness and wit, This American Gospelselects episodes from the show’s tenure, and expounds on their potential as parables of the paradoxical and no-less-complicated realities of the Christian message. To read part of the introduction or watch Ethan present one of the chapters, go here.