Mbird 2.0 Update (In No Particular Order)

  • Native Mobile App: Coding and graphic design are finished, with beta-testing well under way. The Mockingapp has our entire Devotional pre-loaded onto it, all of our podcasts and talks in one place, an easier and more accessible way to read the website on your phone or tablet. Should be out mid-summer 2018. We are particularly excited about this one.
  • Website: Look for a full redesign in 2019 that’ll add/streamline functionality, incorporate our updated logo & branding while contracting more paid contributors to meet stricter editorial standards. It’ll look awesome too. In the meantime, Another Week Ends will become an optional weekly e-newsletter, delivered straight to readers’ inboxes. The almost-ready new Bookstore page resembles the current Magazine site, with a bunch of fresh additions.
  • Podcasts: In Nov 17, we launched the reconfigured Mockingcast (new logo, hosts, format, and schedule). The traffic thus far has been stellar – more than 3000 downloads per episode. Our lectionary podcast (Same Old Song) is back in production and will begin streaming Advent 2018, with Jacob Smith and Aaron Zimmerman co-hosting. In May, we introduced Talkingbird, a new feed devoted to talks from our events, past, present and future. Our podcasts are now available on iTunes, Stitcher, Google Play, and Spotify.
  • Pastoral Resources: We’re updating, prettifying, and more than doubling the number of free bible studies and teaching programs on our website. Bryan Jarrell is spearheading this initiative, the fruits of which will begin to be released in early 2019.
  • Storymakers: A brand-new children’s wing of our work led by Melina Smith, already in the early stages of development. Besides boasting its own dedicated website, Storymakers will provide seasonal print resources and grace-centered curricula to Sunday School teachers and families. Launching 2020.
  • Publications: Two full-length projects debuted at our NYC Conference in April, Unmapped by Charlotte Getz & Stephanie Phillips and the latest in our series of Robert Capon re-prints, Bed and Board. A Gospel of Mark companion hits later this year, along with Nick Lannon’s Life Is Impossible (and That’s Good News). DZ is also hard at work on Seculosity: Where To Turn When Everything Is Religious, to be published by Fortress Press in 2019. Another Mockingbird Devotional is in the pipeline for 2020.
  • Magazine: The revamped Humor Issue dropped in March 2018, and we’re following it this August with the Hits Issue, which collects spruced-up articles from the early years of the website. The Faith and Doubt Issue is slated for late November.
  • Upcoming Events: Oklahoma City this Fall (10/12-13/18) and Tyler TX (4/5-6/19) & NYC next April (4/25-27/19). Potential ministry conference in PA on the horizon as well.
  • Video: Too early to say much, but we’re in talks to develop a series of short videos about topics near and dear to our ministry.