When it’s a value judgment! A news story of Old Testament (and Luke 15) proportions, via Nothing To Do With Abroath (ht JD):

It was a bizarre case of sibling rivalry on Monday night, when Victoria B.C. police had to break up two brothers fighting over who got the bigger piece of steak. At around 11 p.m. that night, the 17-year-old brother “went berserk” and began smashing things in their Craigflower Road apartment with a hockey stick because, despite him doing the cooking, his 22-year-old brother got the larger piece of steak for dinner, according to deputy police chief John Ducker, writing on the VicPD operations blog.

“The call came in as a youth ‘going crazy’” from the building manager who heard the loud banging on the apartment walls, Ducker said. When police arrived, they saw the younger brother had punched out some of the drywall as well as a computer monitor. The brother had also took a toaster into the bathroom and threatened to kill himself by throwing it into a bathtub full of water. Police finally found the younger brother outside the apartment and managed to calm him down, Ducker said. He was taken to hospital for an assessment and officers brought the young man home once he had regained his composure. “He promised to go straight to bed,” Ducker wrote. Police will not pursue charges.