You all have no doubt seen this commercial and are familiar with the excellent song from 3 Doors Down. I laugh every time I see this, but I just noticed the law and gospel in it last night.

The cavemen in the commercial are doing something that makes them feel like they have accomplished something, then the Geico advertisement pops up and makes them feel like it’s nothing. In much the same way I go through my life trying to “shine with my own light”, but the law pops up and reminds me that my own efforts are nothing.

Then there’s the song itself: Tell me please…Would you one time let me be myself
so I can shine with my own light. Let me be myself. Would you let me be myself?

I think this song resonates with so many people because it describes our universal condition, namely, it describes a bound will. We want to be ourselves, to shine with our own light, and unfortunately that points to a big part of our problem, because being ourselves will not really free us (if we could ever actually achieve being ourselves).

Thank God that I don’t have to depend on being myself. Instead I belong to another, Jesus Christ, and through him the law is rendered powerless even when it pops up to remind me that my own efforts will never amount to anything. Rather than striving to be ourselves, through Christ we can have peace in knowing who we really are, whose we are, and where we belong.