This is going to come off as nepotistic, but here goes – Dovecote Records released Trevor Giuliani’s debut last week, Subcontrario (In Stereo), and it is something to behold. The record is the result of an almost four year gestation and it shows. The uniformly stellar songwriting, the unexpected but always just-right arrangements, or Trevor’s gorgeous croon: I can’t decide which I like best. And that’s not saying anything about the superb musicianship on display here.

A few standouts: “Big Decisions” gets things going with some inspired tempo changes and features the first of his stunning codas. Listen to the twists and turns of the breath-taking “Settled Bounds”: the violins on the chorus, the symbols on the bridge, the harmonies at the end… this is a work of art. Then there’s the carefully orchestrated bring-the-house-down catharsis of “All Night’s Rest”’s final minute – I defy you not to be moved. With “Wasting Your Town” he gives us with the summer single we didn’t know we’d been missing, and with “Van Singing” we get the meditative mood-piece. But even when he’s trying to throw us off his path, he can’t bury his gift for melody.

In the record’s one straight-ahead rock song, “Janessa”, he combines pitch-perfect humor with rock n roll guitars (a killer solo!), before sucker-punching us with one of his only out-and-out Gospel references, crying “Hold on… to Matthew 6!” There’s nothing forced about it – in fact, it’s just the right amount of clarity, bursting out beautifully from his otherwise obtuse wordplay. The closest Trevor gets to narrative songwriting comes in “Today” which again, features an absolutely brilliant final chorus. And the closing track “Predicated Ground” may be the finest moment of all – words wouldn’t do it justice. Just be sure to give it a minimum of five listens before you make up your mind.

We stay away from imperatives on this blog as a general rule, but I’m going to risk one: People, buy this record. Soak it up and give copies to all your friends. They will thank you.