This comic comes from Nicholas Gurewitch who writes the Perry Bible Fellowship webcomic that used to appear weekly in the UK Guardian and Baltimore City paper. The name for the comic was taken from a church in Syracuse, NY where the comic was first written (worth noting for those of you who take a look at the comic).
Be warned, PBF is a rather twisted comic with an absurd and sometimes twisted sense of humor, which is even more off-putting with the cheerful style of drawing. I enjoy the webcomic because of the dark humor and honesty of perspective, however the bleakness in some of the comics might drive me to only read Family Circus comics for the rest of my life.
Of all the comics on Perry Bible Fellowship, I found this one to be the most upsetting. Not that I was offended by baby Jesus portrayed as the rules found in a deck of cards, but rather that this was how Gurewitch saw Jesus, however insightful the articulation. That Jesus is just a set of rules and not the freedom that he proclaimed for prisoners of sin.
Definitely a provocative comic coming from a pretty amazing webcomic.