Last week my friend Bryan White wrote a wonderfully thought provoking article (on our 40th Street blog) about Oprah Winfrey and her religious beliefs and teachings which, with the help of her “panel of spiritual authorities” (who seem to be on Larry King Live every other night!), have taken America by a storm. Move over Joel Osteen.

So what’s the message and why is it so popular? Here’s a quote from the article:

“Essentially, this worldview affirms the inherent goodness of human beings. However, one somehow becomes distanced from this purer version of the self as he/she exists in the everyday world. Thus, human beings need liberation. This is achieved through practicing spiritual disciplines of meditation and reflection in order to realize our true connection with the Universe. As one guest on her show put it, we all have an inner light – like one inside a lantern. However, that glass tends to accumulate dirt, preventing the light from emanating in full. Our goal is to repeatedly wipe away the dirt in order that it may continue to shine.