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Another Week Ends: Terry Eagleton, Nar-Anon, Crazy Stupid Love, Pottermore, Depression No-No's, Drones, Speidi & Achtung Baby

Another Week Ends: Terry Eagleton, Nar-Anon, Crazy Stupid Love, Pottermore, Depression No-No’s, Drones, Speidi & Achtung Baby

1. Over at PatrolMag, David Sessions posted a terrific interview with British literary critic Terry Eagleton concerning, among other things, “Capitalism and the West’s Existential Crisis.” The occasion for the interview is the release of Eagleton’s new book on Marxism. Of course, Eagleton is not your garden variety Marxist (thank God), and regardless of your political convictions, his reflections are a good companion to the “relentlessly depressing debt ceiling news,” as Sessions memorably puts it. For example:

Sessions: While we’re talking about belief, in your Terry Lectures at Yale in 2008, you described Christianity as both more gloomy than any other…

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Webslingers Paradise? Making (Spidey) Sense of Turn Off The Dark

Webslingers Paradise? Making (Spidey) Sense of Turn Off The Dark

Reviewing Spider-Man Turn Off The Dark without having seen the production is a bit like reviewing The Pale King. There are plenty of comments you can make, but nothing you can really say. It’s all conjecture. You can talk about the creators, their significance and ambition, but that’s about it. Song lyrics probably shouldn’t be considered outside of their musical settings, and showtunes can’t be evaluated (or even experienced) apart from their choreography. Yet here we are.

Doubtless you’re aware that the score for the show was written by Bono and The Edge – as they themselves have joked, “We used…

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June Playlist

June Playlist

Don’t Let It Get You Down – Echo & The Bunnymen
A Lady of a Certain Age – The Divine Comedy
Time Spent in Los Angeles – Dawes
We’ve Met – Jason Isbell and the 400 Unit
Back Into Your World – Son Volt
Dear Laughing Doubters – Sondre Lerche
Piledriver Waltz – Alex Turner
The Judgement – Solomon Burke
We Gotta Get Out Of This Place – The Animals
Jesus Came From Outta Space – Supergrass
A Freak Like Me Needs Company – Patrick Page in Spider-Man: Turn Off The Dark
Tell Me I’m Not Free – John Davis
Church of Wilson – Cotton Mather
Automatic Soup – Shudder To Think feat….

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Another Week Ends: Online Echo Chambers, Deathbed Regrets, Dylan at the Cross, MJ's Bad, Singing Spiderman, Penmanship Psychology & Seinfeld

Another Week Ends: Online Echo Chambers, Deathbed Regrets, Dylan at the Cross, MJ’s Bad, Singing Spiderman, Penmanship Psychology & Seinfeld

1. A couple of articles that follow-up on the filter bubble phenomenon we posted on last week, both from The NY Times. The first is an editorial by Eli Pariser, “When The Internet Thinks It Knows You” and the second a slightly broader look at the issue, “The Trouble With The Echo Chamber Online.” While the issue is clearly an important one, the solutions being proposed – i.e. programmed diversity  – strikes me as a tad shallow. That is, there’s clearly a resistance to the idea that we might actually be culpable in our selective listening/browsing in a way that…

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This Will (Hopefully) Be Our Year: Top Four New Year's Songs

This Will (Hopefully) Be Our Year: Top Four New Year’s Songs

Lest all the anti-New-Years-resolutions sentiment come across as pure party-poopery, I give you four songs in keeping with the holiday, two of which are downright joyful:

1. The best of all-time, without question – sorry, Bono – is The Zombies’ “This Will Be Our Year”, covered here by The Avett Brothers:

2. I didn’t think it was possible, but Slaid Cleaves’ prayerful (and considerably more Mbird-friendly) “One Good Year” gives The Zombies a run for their money, sort of the peccator to their justus:

3. Let’s face it though – the aforementioned “New Years Day” from U2 is pretty darn great. Great…

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U2 Sing Spidey: Boy Falls From The Sky

Pretty exciting stuff, reminiscent of their other superhero-inspired song (below), and featuring some particularly great opening lines, the first preview of their upcoming Turn Off The Dark musical:

p.s. Believe it or not, the video above was responsible for introducing yours truly to post-Narnia Lewis (3:50).

Another Week Ends: Parenting, Katy Perry, New Weezer, U2 and "God Told me to..."

Another Week Ends: Parenting, Katy Perry, New Weezer, U2 and "God Told me to…"

Filling in for DZ this week…

1. A great article from Chris Gottlieb for any parent who has ever been given unsolicited advice on their parenting skills ( I suppose that includes everyone?).

The author laments: I marvel at how comfortable people feel telling complete strangers about their purported parenting flaws…No infraction is too small or too strange to elicit comment. (The newspaper was too close to the baby’s eyes?) All my parent friends have experienced this no-win culture of judging parenting. Depending on their personalities, they have cowered, gotten angry or been demoralized by…

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Balm For the Soul: Sandra McCracken's Feast Or Fallow

Balm For the Soul: Sandra McCracken’s Feast Or Fallow

“We cannot afford to lose these old hymns, they are full of the Gospel…” Basil Manley (1891)

Every December Paste Magazine publishes a list of their top fifty albums of the year. Each year I scan the picks searching for the worthy successors to Led Zeppelin and U2. Needless to say, “I still haven’t found what I’m looking for.”

2008 was like any other year. I found myself nodding in agreement with some of their selection, shaking my head in dismay at others, and completely ignorant of most. But as I reached the end of the list I saw a write up…

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Happy Birthday, Bono!

The man himself turns the big Five-Zero today (and the rest of us feel a little older as a result).

Turns out we’ve written pretty extensively on U2 and their charismatic lead singer. For an index of those posts, go here.

Favorite Movies, Music and TV of 2009 (Plus)

Okay, here goes. I would break the pop culture of 2009 down this way: a pretty good year for music, an alright year for film and a downright incredible year for television.

Five Favorite Films Of 2009*
1. Fantastic Mr Fox
2. District 9
3. In The Loop [warning for profuse-albeit-very-inventive foul language]
4. Coraline
5. Up

Most Underrated: Duplicity
Most Overrated: Inglourious Basterds

*Bear in mind that I haven’t seen The Hurt Locker, An Education, A Serious Man, The Road, Dr Parnassus, Big Fan or 2012 yet. So this is definitely more of a favorites list than a “best of”. And I am as surprised by the predominance…

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September Playlist

September Playlist

1. Old White Lincoln – The Gaslight Anthem
2. It’s All True – The Lemonheads
3. Don’t Go Away – Oasis
4. Hey Bulldog [mono] – The Beatles
5. Psalms 40:2 – The Mountain Goats
6. Bless This Mess – David Bazan
7. Jena & Jimmy – Derek Webb
8. True Love 1980 – Ash
9. Got The Hots – Michael Jackson
10. Do It Again – Steely Dan
11. Come Undone – Duran Duran
12. Wake Up – Teddy Thompson
13. For Your Lover, Give Some Time – Richard Hawley
14. Jesus Is Waiting – Al Green
15. All Things Must Pass – Billy Preston
16. Why Do I Keep Counting – The Killers

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How Can You Stand Next To The Truth And Not See It? - U2 at Giants Stadium

How Can You Stand Next To The Truth And Not See It? – U2 at Giants Stadium

Talk about jealousy – our friend Nathan was among those fortunate enough to score tickets to U2’s much-anticipated gig in NYC last night, and he sent us the following report. [To read Aaron Zimmerman’s excellent 4-part series on the spiritual history of the band, click here, here, here and here.]

“We’ve got a spaceship,” Bono said in reference to the massive staging above his head in the center of the stadium, “but we’re not going anywhere without you.”

He didn’t just invite the audience on his otherworldly journey, he also invited Someone Else: at the end of the first song, “Breathe”, he…

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