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Addressing the "Grace Gap" in American Churches

Addressing the “Grace Gap” in American Churches

The widely loved writer and thinker Philip Yancey (who also happens to be coming to Mockingbirdtown this week) has come out with a new book, called Vanishing Grace: Whatever Happened to the Good News? In it, he seems to have a lot to say about the falling state of American Christendom in its cultural conception, not as being lovers and welcomers and forgivers, but as being rigidly judgmental, self-oriented, and more or less “anti-” everything.

I’m excited about the book, mainly because I’ve seen Yancey speak before, at St. George’s in Nashville, and the guy has a dispensary of stories about grace. He…

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Who's on first, second, third?

Who’s on first, second, third?

I came across the following New York Times article today: “Koreans Agog as Off-Screen Soap Becomes Courtroom Drama.” Being of Korean descent, it captured my attention immediately. The article details the affects of the South Korean adultery law, “which prohibits extramarital affairs and can land those found guilty in prison for up to two years.” South Korea is one of the few non-Muslim countries with such a law making adultery punishable with a jail sentence. Who knew?

As I read the article, I started wondering how to look at the situation in terms of the different uses…

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