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"A Broth of False and True": Frederick Buechner's Godric

“A Broth of False and True”: Frederick Buechner’s Godric

My friend John and I are the sole members of an organization we call “The Nerd Book Club.” Once a month or so, we grab coffee and talk about books we’ve always wanted to read but lacked the self-discipline to finish on our own. Recently, we committed to read a novel that has been on my bookshelf for nearly two decades: “Godric,” by Frederick Buechner. After finishing it, I warmly recommend its perusal at any Mockingbird-sanctioned soirée.

Here’s why. The novel, loosely based on the historical account of a 12th-century Anglo-Saxon holy man, Godric of Finchale, narrates the story…

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Hidden Holiness: Marion's Invisible Saint

Hidden Holiness: Marion’s Invisible Saint

From a recently published essay collection on Saints, a zinger of a quote from French Catholic theologian Jean-Luc Marion’s “Invisibility of the Saint” explores the contradictions inherent in claiming to possess or even recognize holiness:

Yet it is plain to see that, unlike in the matters of heroism or intelligence, [the conditions for recognizing these traits] cannot be satisfied in the case of holiness.  There are three reasons for this. First, no one can claim to define the concept (or the meaning) of holiness without running the risk of the most obvious of idolatries. Indeed, when a group or a faction declares someone…

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U2: Seekers to Saints to Sinners to Saved (by Grace)--Part 1

U2: Seekers to Saints to Sinners to Saved (by Grace)–Part 1

Part 1: Seekers

Everyone knows that Bono, lead singer for U2, is an outspoken Christian. But do you know the story behind the band’s faith? Bono, Larry Mullen (drums), and Edge (guitar), were all members of a Christian community in Dublin called Shalom in the late 1970s and early 1980s. While in high school, they had all had deep conversion experiences of the “born again” variety. (Bob Dylan was doing the same thing in LA at the time, by the way.) Their faith deeply informed their early work—songs like “Gloria,” “Sunday Bloody Sunday” and “40” (see an amazing 1983 live performance…

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