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The (D)Evolving Dreams of an Everyday Housewife: Bravo's Postfeminist Status Olympics

The (D)Evolving Dreams of an Everyday Housewife: Bravo’s Postfeminist Status Olympics

This is so good. In the NY Times Magazine recently, Carina Chocano traced the strange subversion of the word/concept “housewife,” particularly how the Bravo “Real Housewife” brand has taken the conventional notion of the word to its semantic extreme opposite. What was once a term that connoted humble domesticity, frugal compliance and resignation now signifies unfettered indulgence and plastic ambition, not to mention a revulsion to any actual housework. Yet ironically, as Chocano points out, the archetype has maintained its judgmental undercurrent, serving as a backboard against which to define ourselves: a lightning rod for disdainful self-righteousness in other words…

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When Reality TV Meets... Reality

When Reality TV Meets… Reality

You may have read about the recent suicide of Russell Armstrong, the husband of one of Bravo TV’s Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. The NY Times published a moving, if rather tragic article about the whole affair this past Sunday, “A Jenny Jones Moment for Reality TV?”. There are a couple of relevant aspects of the story, and I’m not talking, strictly speaking, about what accounts for the success of the explosively salacious franchise – that’s pretty obvious. What’s more interesting is how the Real Housewives illustrate the precarious and often ironic relationship between commerce, denial and reality. That is,…

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