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On TV: Salvaging This Season of Parenthood

Like many reviewers out there (and a number of my fellow Mbirds), I’ve found this season of NBC’s Parenthood to be profoundly underwhelming. But I continue to watch because I love the characters, chief among them these past couple of seasons being Hank, played by a post-Everybody Loves Raymond Ray Romano. Matter of fact, I think the Hank and Max storyline may be single-handedly salvaging this season of Parenthood for me.

If you are caught up to the 15th episode that aired Jan. 23rd, then you will know the substance of the storyline of which I am speaking. If you are not…

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Previously on Parenthood, Pt. 5: Perfect Love & Prodigal Returns

This is the fifth installment in a look at the theological and pastoral wisdom found in the current season of NBC’s Parenthood, mostly regarding the intersection of unsuspected love in the context of suffering. It has been almost a month since I have written anything, mostly because I felt the program was in the middle of a filler-episode streak, understandably serving to carry on the narratives of its many subplots but not standing out with profound moments of grace in ways earlier episodes have. Don’t get me wrong. There were some touching moments in recent episodes like Adam caring for Kristina…

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