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The Freedom to Fail Before a Benevolent King…or “Prince”

The Freedom to Fail Before a Benevolent King…or “Prince”

Yes, that’s Prince holding a scepter while watching Rafael Nadal play at the French Open this past weekend. Larry David rocked a cape in a Seinfeld episode, but it didn’t catch on. I’m not holding out hope for the scepter as a fashion accessory fad, but I’m kind of rooting for it. Best line in the USA Today article? – “Meanwhile, the folks at Prince, the tennis equipment company, looked at Prince watching tennis and couldn’t believe they never made this connection before.” Nadal seemed to respond well to the presence of “royalty”, making quick work of his opponent in…

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Lenten Jams, Pt I: The Artist Sings His Calvary Song

Proving once again that if all he did was play guitar, he would still be a Prince among men:

11 The Cross – LoveSexy Tour Dortmund 1988 by samsarax

March Playlist

  1. We Must Be In Love – The Five Stairsteps
  2. I Remember The Feeling – Dolenz, Jones, Boyce & Hart (RIP Davy Jones)
  3. I Wanna Dance With Somebody – David Byrne
  4. Inside of Love – Nada Surf
  5. Stupid – Long Winters
  6. Humpty Dumpty – Aimee Mann
  7. New Friend Jesus – Craig Finn
  8. Lovers Need Lawyers – The Good Life
  9. Wig-Wam Bam – Sweet
  10. Hold Me in the River – BrakesBrakesBrakes
  11. Lily – The Electric Soft Parade
  12. Laura – Billy Joel
  13. Reach Out – Eleven
  14. 7 – Prince
  15. Needing/Getting – OK Go
  16. Why Am I the One – Fun.
  17. Accidentally Like a Martyr – Warren Zevon
  18. Love Is Making Its Way Back Home – Josh Ritter

And this may be the most exquisite music video I’ve ever seen – at least in recent memory:

November Playlist

November Playlist

Pretty heavy on the classic rock this time. Happy belated Thanksgiving:

1. Heroes And Villains – The Beach Boys
2. Just Another Whistle Stop – The Band
3. Caribbean Wind – Bob Dylan
4. The Cross – Prince
5. Space Age Mom – Damien Jurado
6. Apple Of My Eye – Badfinger
7. Everytime I Itch I Wind Up Scratching You – Glen Campbell
8. Better Things – The Kinks
9. September Gurls – Big Star
10. Love Is The Law – The Seahorses
11. I Want Love – Elton John
12. Glorious Day – Embrace
13. Rue The Day – The Walkmen
14. God’s Comic – Elvis Costello
15. The Mercy Seat – Johnny…

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Thursday Morning Rock N Roll: Prince’s Guitar Gently Weeps

The Wilburys do a decent job with the vocals but it is Prince’s solo, which begins around the 3:30 mark, that is the real gem here. Apparently he had never heard the song before being asked to contribute…