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"I hate you Dad! Oh, I mean Reverend!"

“I hate you Dad! Oh, I mean Reverend!”

An old girlfriend of mine—let’s call her the Girl from Ipanema…no, on second thought, we better not—had a type when it came to men: blond hair and blue eyes. That worked out well for me—for awhile. Then a ghost showed up—taking the form of an ill-fated previous relationship with a man who looked remarkably like me. That, children, was when I was introduced to the wonderful world of transference.

Frank Lake describes transference in his book, Clinical Theology:

The displacement of feeling from one object or person to another, and particularly the process by which the patient shifts feelings and attitudes primarily…

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Mr. Magoo, Frankenstein and Pastoral Theology

From Paul F. M. Zahl’s Grace in Practice, pp 240, 243:

“Mr. Magoo walks through life blind, or rather extremely near-sighted. All around him, terrible things are happening. Ladders are crashing down, buckets of paint are falling from window ledges, cars are screeching to a halt. Everything is a near miss. But Mr. Magoo sees none of it. He walks through life as if nothing whatsoever bad is taking place around him. This is a symbol of the imputation involved in pastoral care….Christian ministers are like Mr. Magoo. They walk through their busy and conflict-riven lives, but these lives are simul…

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