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PZ's Podcast: Canned Heat and Under Satan's Sun

PZ’s Podcast: Canned Heat and Under Satan’s Sun

EPISODE 77: Canned Heat

I’m reaching here, for a useful and accurate definition of the human being. I found one, an interesting one, in the middle of a 1939 novel entitled After Many a Summer Dies the Swan.

That one-sentence definition, tied in my own mind to a recent study of Fritz Lang’s movie from 1929 entitled Woman in the Moon, proved fruitful — fruitful in understanding our old devil Ego, and why ‘he’/’she’ works the way ‘he’/’she’ does.

As They sang once, before a giant forum of human history, “I’m going up the country, baby don’t you want to go.”

Will you come…

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PZ's Podcast: Making Plans for Nigel and When I'm 64

PZ’s Podcast: Making Plans for Nigel and When I’m 64

Episode 72: Making Plans for Nigel

This man, who lived from 1922 to 2006, was a writer of English science-fiction television serials (mostly). He was another of these amazing predicters of the future, about whom I sometimes like to talk.

In Kneale’s 1958-59 BBC serial entitled “Quatermass and the Pit,” he dug right down to the archaeological core of humanity’s instinctual Original Sin. And I mean “archaeological”. In his 1968 serial “The Year of the Sex Olympics” — a title that can still grab your attention — he predicted “reality television”, and also the massive downpour of home-screen pornography. And in his…

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