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One Last Jab at New Year's Resolutions

One Last Jab at New Year’s Resolutions

Just one more quick good-natured jab at New Year’s resolutions: a crowd-sourced New Year’s Resolution Generator. Users sent in their personal resolutions, which were added to a randomized display of things we all should be doing in 2011. Some are fun and good natured, like the Vanilla Ice inspired “Stop. Collaborate (and Listen).” Others revealed a deep sense of guilt and shame about how off track their lives were.

Some more poignant examples of guilt-inspired New Year’s Resolutions: Forgive her (also: Forgive him), Carpool, Learn to Cope, De-Clutter, Learn to Commit, Avoid Drama, Be Spontaneous (ironic?),…

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This Will (Hopefully) Be Our Year: Top Four New Year's Songs

This Will (Hopefully) Be Our Year: Top Four New Year’s Songs

Lest all the anti-New-Years-resolutions sentiment come across as pure party-poopery, I give you four songs in keeping with the holiday, two of which are downright joyful:

1. The best of all-time, without question – sorry, Bono – is The Zombies’ “This Will Be Our Year”, covered here by The Avett Brothers:

2. I didn’t think it was possible, but Slaid Cleaves’ prayerful (and considerably more Mbird-friendly) “One Good Year” gives The Zombies a run for their money, sort of the peccator to their justus:

3. Let’s face it though – the aforementioned “New Years Day” from U2 is pretty darn great. Great…

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Charles Schulz on New Year’s Resolutions

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Happy New Year (1981)!!!

The Rise and Fall (and Rise) of Blink 182

The Rise and Fall (and Rise) of Blink 182

In the late 1990’s, a punk band named Blink 182 arose that captured the imagination of teenagers across America. The musical world was dominated by boy bands and Britney Spears while previous punk bands such as Green Day were in decline. Blink 182 heralded a new genre of pop-punk that was a blend of several features borrowed from their musical cousins. Like hardcore, Blink 182 had a rebellious impulse against authority and conformity. Yet this rebellion was not joined by the rage and angst that marked hardcore rock. Instead, pop-punk’s rebellion was trivially playful. It is no coincidence that…

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Another Week Ends: More Shore, Facebook Happiness, DFW, Marriage, IMonk and The National

Another Week Ends: More Shore, Facebook Happiness, DFW, Marriage, IMonk and The National

1. John Shore’s follow-up to his Huffington Post piece, “How My Wife Took The News Of My Sudden Conversion”. It should be noted that Mr. Shore published a book in 2007 with the killer title: “I’m OK-You’re Not: The Message We’re Sending To Non-Believers And Why We Should Stop”. Along those lines, it’s worth taking a look at his post “What Non-Christians Want Christians To Hear”.

2. Fascinating report from the San Fracisco Chronicle about behavior on Facebook and LinkedIn. Turns out both networks employ scientists whose sole job it is to track and analyze our behavior… With a particular…

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Andy Rooney and New Year Resolutions

So Andy has something great to say about New Year’s Resolutions. However, I want to propose that this may actually be another form of Law. I wonder, if each of us followed his example, would we indeed do that which we have never done (because it would weigh on our minds and, in fact, lead us to do that which we would have never done) if not for resolving to never do it…

Andy And The New Year–check it out.

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My Seven Favorite (Heretical Crazy-Talk) Videos of 2009

As the year draws to a close and people everywhere begin reflecting on their favorite things from 2009, I’d like to offer you something a little different. During the year I dug up the following videos and filed them away for just such an occasion as this. So here are my top seven picks for “heretical crazy-talk video of the year”:

Number 7: Rick Warren on the “Gospel of Doing”…

Pastor Warren explaining to his congregation all of the things they have to “do” if they want to get to heaven:

Number 6: Bill Hybels on “Holy Motivation”…

Pastor Hybels explains how getting angry…

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