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PZ's Podcast This Week: The British Invasion

PZ’s Podcast This Week: The British Invasion

Today two new talks have been published on “PZ’s Podcast” (Subscribe free on iTunes.)

The first is entitled The Browning Version and concerns a 1951 movie starring Michael Redgrave and written by Terence Rattigan, which is based on Rattigan’s 1948 play.

It is about a man who must lose his life in order to gain it. The material connects directly with the 25th Chorus of “Mexico City Blues”:

Is my own, is your own,
Is not Owned by Self-Owner
but found by Self-Loser —
Old Ancient Teaching

This podcast is dedicated to David Browder.

The second cast for this week is called “‘Man Gave Names…

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Announcing PZ's PODCAST!

Announcing PZ’s PODCAST!

We are proud to announce another very cool new resource, our first foray into podcasting: “PZ’s Podcast”! A weekly transmission from the world of, you guessed it, Paul Zahl. To subscribe (and listen to the first three installments), click here.  But first, a word of, um, introduction from the man himself:

This will be a series of talks, most of them about 35 minutes in length, which try to bridge the gap between Old Ancient Teaching (the phrase is from an epic religious poem entitled “Mexico City Blues”) and popular culture.

“PZ’s Podcast” is the voice of a lost Space-Child, who, it…

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