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From The Onion: Obnoxious Friend Won't Stop Attaining Major Life Milestones

From The Onion: Obnoxious Friend Won’t Stop Attaining Major Life Milestones

Another brilliant parody from The Onion on the complex dynamics of judgment in relationships, specifically our obsession with the achievement game, the need to broadcast to everyone when you seem to be succeeding (I’m looking at you, half-marathon runners), and our bitter dislike/envy of those who seem to be #winning.

ALEXANDRIA, VA—Annoyed sources confirmed this week that married and pregnant local woman Ashley Canfield will not stop achieving significant life milestones, unanimously agreeing that the 30-year-old law school graduate seriously needs to just cool it with the achievements.

Saying they were tired of hearing about her steadily progressing life via occasional…

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Top Chef Masters:  Judges React to Judgment

Top Chef Masters: Judges React to Judgment

We are all allergic to judgment. It makes us angry, and it turns us against the people we perceive to be judgmental. The last two weeks of Top Chef Masters are a perfect illustration of this. Two weeks ago, Suvir Saran (my until-recently favorite contestant) competed with his fellow chef-testants in a competition that challenged the chefs to turn the cravings of contestants on The Biggest Loser into healthy meals. For instance, one of the chefs had to find a healthy way to satisfy someone’s craving for a chinese buffet.

Saran’s “Biggest Loser” contestant’s craving was a…

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