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Me, Myself and iPod

Me, Myself and iPod

We’re kneedeep in magazine shipments today at Mbird HQ, so thought we’d whet appetites with another preview of the new issue. To order click here. This one comes to us from ur-Mockingbird Jady Koch:

“Jady, here, listen to this.”

I remember it like it was yesterday; I was sitting in the back row of a late 80s conversion van, complete with shag carpeting and an old-school TV up in the headrest above the driver’s seat. We were heading to Houston, to go to (the now defunct) Astro World as part of a sixth grade band trip, and as our chaperone was turning…

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Thomas Cranmer’s Gospel of Divine Allurement – Ashley Null

The fun never ends! Here’s Dr. Null’s presentation from our NYC Conference, which was delivered immediately after Tim Kreider’s. It was quite dramatic:

Thomas Cranmer’s Gospel of Divine Allurement ~ Ashley Null from Mockingbird on Vimeo.

Big Foot Called My Unicorn an Antinomian: The Double-Bind of the Law – Jady Koch

Week two of conference video begins! This time with the inimitable Dr. Koch:

You may download the recording of this talk by clicking here. To read the post upon which this talk was partly based, go here. He also references this one at some length.

2013 NYC Conference Recordings: Good News That Never Gets Old

2013 NYC Conference Recordings: Good News That Never Gets Old

Another heartfelt thank-you to everyone who helped put on this year’s Mockingbird Conference in NYC, especially our friends at Calvary St. George’s Church. It’s a good thing most of the presentations below have to do with grace, as the very thought of trying to top it is incredibly scary…! Speaking of freebies, though, we are once again making the recordings available at no charge; we only ask that those who were not able to attend this year *consider* making a donation to help cover the cost of the event. Download links are followed by an in-line player for each recording….

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The Future of the Gospel: A Theologian’s Discussion with Michael Horton

The moment you’ve been waiting for! We are proud to present the final recording from our recent conference in New York City — and the first of what we hope to be many official conference videos — our very own Jady Koch (JDK) speaking with Dr. Michael Horton:

Many, many thanks to Mark Babikow for capturing it on film and putting everything together so beautifully!

The Law and Penguins

I recently saw the following comic strip in our local Newspaper (The Beaver County Times):

Eh, yup. That pretty much says it all…doesn’t it?

Have a great Wednesday!

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Control and Freedom. Two words that dominate the emotional, spiritual and cultural landscape. Also two words that many of us spend our lives chasing after, mistaking one for the other, or believing they go hand-in-hand. Yet how friendly are these terms? What is the actual relation between freedom and personal control? Please join us this Spring in NYC as we explore how God’s grace calms our fears, upsets our controls, and inspires freedom in the way we live, work and love.

Our keynote speaker this year will be Mark Galli, Senior Managing Editor of Christianity Today. Other speakers include Jady Koch…

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