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Catch a Cannonball (to Take Me on Down the Line): In Memory of Levon Helm

The Mockingbird office in Charlottesville is decorated with a collection of proud mementos. An inspiration constellation, if you will. Most prominently, there’s the foldout from the ET: Picture Book record, which has Michael Jackson posing for what seems like a school photo with the ExtraTerrestrial himself. There’s the 7-inch Slash figurine, complete with adjoining Marshall stack. There’s the framed original poster for The Muppet Movie. There’s the bottom piece of Lucas Cranach’s Marienkirche altarpiece in Wittenberg, which depicts Martin Luther preaching the crucified God. There’s the six-panel insert to All Things Must Pass of George Harrison looking like the haggard…

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Christmas Must Be Tonight: The Band’s Left-field Xmas Carol

Tied with Big Star’s “Jesus Christ” as my favorite religious rock song by an otherwise non-religious rock band is The Band’s “Christmas Must Be Tonight”, a track which takes much of its lyrics directly from the King James. It’s right up there with The Ramones’ “Merry Christmas (I Don’t Want To Fight Tonight)” as one of the greatest Christmas rock songs of all time, about as close to a sacred modern carol as one could find.

The google-challenged Band – in this writer’s opinion the greatest performing unit the rock world has ever produced (see “Rock of Ages”) – included the…

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