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Francis Schaeffer on the Problem with Thomas Kinkade's Optimistic Art

Francis Schaeffer on the Problem with Thomas Kinkade’s Optimistic Art

Several months ago I wrote a post on the well known and now deceased “Painter of Light,” Thomas Kinkade. I addressed Kinkade’s tragic backstory of suffering and how his pain never came through in his I’m-OK-you’re-OK artwork. Most of all I lamented that Christians in particular promote his brand of sentimental artwork because it is safe. What I originally thought would be an obscure post actually got a lot of attention. I was surprised that it struck such a nerve. One redditor called me patronizing: “F*ck Matt Schneider. This piece was condescending and nauseating.”

I don’t usually criticize individual artists and thinkers publically,…

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Why Can't We All Just Get Along?

Why Can’t We All Just Get Along?

When I had the idea of writing a series on the “New Perspective,” I initially thought that it would be a group of posts about its intricacies and arguments, how it distorts and misunderstands the Gospel. But then I realized – it’s simply not that interesting.

That’s not to say that the New Perspective is unimportant, just that there is nothing that I would write about it that hasn’t already been (better) said/written regarding the way it misunderstands sin, God, and people. (Other than that, it’s really good stuff). If any of you are interested in the details of the “New…

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