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FAIL of the Week


FAIL of the Week

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A Few Thanksgivings: Salinger's Hapworth Dances with Jesus and Bill Fay

A Few Thanksgivings: Salinger’s Hapworth Dances with Jesus and Bill Fay

You may know that J.D. Salinger’s final published work was “Hapworth 16, 1924”, a novella which took up 81 pages of the 6/19/65 issue of The New Yorker (i.e. the entire issue). I only found out about it a couple of weeks ago. You see, although Salinger considered it “a high point of his writing,” Hapworth was not exactly hailed as a masterpiece when it arrived–the opposite, in fact–and has never been republished in any form. Which is where the Internet comes in, thankfully. It takes the form of a letter written from summer camp by a (ridiculously precocious) 7…

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No Pressure

Parenting FAIL

FAIL/WIN of the Week

If you’re confused, or simply can’t stop laughing and want more, go here.

FAIL/WIN of the Week

FAIL of the Week

For a few more along similar lines, go here.

FAIL of the Week

Like last week’s, I strongly suspect this is a put-on. But even so, it’s a clever put-on:

FAIL of the Week: Following One’s Own Advice

WIN of the Week

Take a few seconds to think about/guess what this is before clicking here to learn more, ht JD.

FAIL of the Week

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