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The Top Theology Books of 2017

The Top Theology Books of 2017

Were you given an Amazon or Barnes and Noble gift card, but don’t know what to spend it on? Or perhaps you’re a bibliophile like me and have an insatiable appetite for the latest and greatest theology books. In either case, I’ve got just the list for you: the top Mockingbird theology books from 2017. Click here to read last year’s list.

Books on St. Paul

Paul and the Person: Reframing Paul’s Anthropology by Susan Grove Eastman

This is a fantastic book. According to Eastman, Paul believed that one’s identity is irreducibly social, determined by the influence of external powers—whether it be…

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What Would Jesus Tweet? The Gospel in the 21st Century (Conference Recordings!)


An enormous thank you to all the fantastic people at St Francis in the Fields Episcopal Church in Louisville, KY, who made the What Would Jesus Tweet mini-conference possible earlier this month! What a privilege it was to meet so many new friends; the warmth and graciousness of the welcome we received was nothing short of overwhelming. To read a (very generous!) re-cap of the event, go here. The recordings are now available, both on our Resources page and here, in the order in which they were given. Click on the talk titles to download, or on the players below to listen:

Talk 1: What Would Jesus Tweet? – David Zahl

Talk 2: Everybody’s Anxious, Nobody’s Bored – David Zahl

Everything New Is Moralism Again – The Rev. Jacob Smith

The Psychology of SalvationDr. Eric Johnson

Talk 3: What We Talk About When We Talk About Freedom and Closing Q&A – David Zahl and Jacob Smith

Top Semiodiscursive Christian Psychology Book Find of 2012: Foundations for Soul Care

Top Semiodiscursive Christian Psychology Book Find of 2012: Foundations for Soul Care

I know, right, how could I possibly narrow it all down? Through some happily providential occurrences, I have had the pleasure of meeting Dr. Eric Johnson here in Louisville and of reading his massive tome entitled Foundations for Soul Care: A Christian Psychology Proposal. In this book, Dr. Johnson attempts to bridge the divide between secular and Christian views of psychology in a way that will allow them to speak to each other constructively. Since that is a lot of what we do here in MBird—albeit in a much less technical way—I was excited to run across this book and even…

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