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God, Suffering, and Glee

I’m never quite sure when it’s OK for one to profess their love of Glee. But seeing as Mockingbird has a thing for being simultaneously uncool and popular at the same time, I figured this might be the place to discuss this past week’s religion themed episode of everybody’s favorite high school drama/musical/satire/dark comedy.

This week on the show, religion became the theme- all the music and story lines coalesce around questions of prayer, the problem of evil, the meaning of suffering, God’s existence, and the role God plays in all of these big questions.

-Kurt, already dealing with his mother’s death…

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Art and the Church: Friends, Enemies or Frenemies?

I was at a conference this week in Manchester on “Theology and the Arts,” and though I am far from a specialist in the study of aesthetics, I thought it would be interesting to hear what this community thinks about the role of art in the church. This could include: painting, sculpture, music, dance, even church architecture and interior design.

Depending on one’s theology, the iconoclasm of the 8th and 16th centuries could either be seen as a biblical corrective or an overzealous use of power (though they were probably a mixture of both).

One reason I raise this…

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