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325 Days of Lent: "It is finished"

325 Days of Lent: "It is finished"

In our church stand two crosses. One, the crucifix, shows Jesus in all of his tortured agony. The other stands gleaming white and empty, a potent symbol of the promise that in Jesus “death has lost its sting.” And as much as we profess faith in the victory, it is telling that the crucifix stands over the pulpit and the empty cross over the Lord’s Table; one signifies where we are, and the other signifies where we will be “when he comes again in glory.” Until then, this– the sixth word of Jesus from the cross– remains our hope.

Life is…

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Final Conference Schedule

To download a pdf version, click here. If you haven’t pre-registered but plan on attending, on-site registration takes place from 4-6:30pm on Thursday and 8:15-9:15am on Friday. We would love to see you! And for those of you that can’t make it, the mp3s will be posted next week (God-willing). The blog will resume its regular activity on Monday.