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New Music: Craig Finn's Faith in the Future

New Music: Craig Finn’s Faith in the Future

This one comes to us from new Mockingbird writer, Luke Wilson. 

You either love or hate The Hold Steady. From Craig Finn’s voice, which sounds like a mix between Paul Westerberg and an IT technician at a karaoke bar, to lead guitarist Tad Kubler’s unapologetically massive riffs, they leave little room for middle ground.

I, for one, love The Hold Steady, but for those who have set up camp on the other side of the river (and for THS fans alike), I recommend you head on over to your local record store (or Spotify if you must!) and pick up a…

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Top Ten Albums of 2012

Top Ten Albums of 2012

In 2012, I easily listened to more new music than I have in the past 3 or 4 years combined, due in large part to my writing music reviews for Mockingbird (although not as many as I would have liked—curse you grad school!) as well as my newfound Spotify addiction. The variety and scope of my listening this year made creating this list somewhat difficult, but I’ve been able to narrow down my list and I’m thrilled to share it with you. Of course, a number of my choices have found their way onto lists across the internet, but there…

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New Music: Craig Finn's Clear Heart Full Eyes

New Music: Craig Finn’s Clear Heart Full Eyes

“I always say it’s never too late to be saved.” -Craig Finn (interview in Paste)

To long time listeners of The Hold Steady, Finn’s statement about salvation, redemption and forgiveness will come as no surprise. Throughout The Hold Steady’s five albums Finn has managed to weave these themes into his rough and tumble stories of drugs, alcohol and partying, often with astonishing emotional force.  His debut solo album, Clear Heart Full Eyes, is less rowdy than the typical Hold Steady record, but Finn’s songs still tread the same spiritual territory as before.

Musically, Clear Heart Full Eyes reminds me of The Hold…

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