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Is Jesus Really God?

Is Jesus Really God?

I’ve waded through the arguments and read the commentaries, and most scholars agree. When it comes to the question of the divinity of Jesus, it seems there is one, inescapable conclusion: Jesus isn’t God. Whoever you imagine God to be, Jesus isn’t him (or, if you prefer, her). The standard, unsatisfactory, argument goes something like […]

"He Will Be a God to Them": The Confused Christology of the <i>Man of Steel</i>

“He Will Be a God to Them”: The Confused Christology of the Man of Steel

Despite the warnings on Rotten Tomatoes, I found myself in the theater watching Man of Steel. I’d decided this was the film I wanted to see on my birthday and, critics be darned, I was gonna see it. Really should have listened to the critics this time. For some reason I’ve been obsessed with superhero […]