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On Not Being C.S. Lewis – Francis Spufford

A highlight, if not the highlight of our recent NYC Conference had to be Francis’ talk from Saturday morning. A true must-watch for anyone interested in speaking/writing/talking about Christianity in a modern context, as well as (what we would like to think are) our animating principles:

On Not Being C.S. Lewis ~ Francis Spufford from Mockingbird on Vimeo.

Another Week Ends: Heresy vs. Apathy, Cartoon Boba Fett, Grown-Up Three-Year-Olds, Krampus, Winning the Lottery, More Deep Blue Sea, and Seeing God

1. Another fascinating piece by Tanya Luhrmann over at the New York Times argues that “Hark, the Herald Angels Didn’t Sing.” Amidst sobering reminders from strict biblical constructionists that many Christmas details are imagined or embellished, Luhrmann advocates a middle road for how to engage the Bible with imagination, ht SZ:

I am no theologian and I do not think that social science can weigh in on the question of who God is or whether God is real. But I think that anthropology offers some insight into why imaginatively enriching a text taken as literally true helps some Christians to hang on…

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The Greatest Alien Story Ever Told: Grace with Vampires and Other Addicts

It is always a difficult task getting Christians, or anyone for that matter, to integrate a realistic (and Biblical) understanding of the human condition in a personal way. Yet this is just as crucial an apologetic task as discussing proofs of the resurrection. No doubt the diagnostic part of the equation is such a hard sell because it hits so close to home, popping the bubble of coping and delusion. Even in the short time that I have been in the ministry, I have witnessed great resistance to the concrete reality of what our identity as sinners actually means.

Illustrating the…

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