Law and Gospel: A Theology for Sinners (and Saints)


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There’s a big difference between judgement and love, obligation and freedom, a wage and a gift. The difference characterizes an extraordinary amount of our day-to-day experience, often dividing fear from hope, and death from life. At the heart of Christianity lies a similar and related dynamic: between the Law and the Gospel. Far from being a reductive or antiquated distinction, understanding where one ends and the other begins allows a person to see both the Bible and themselves-indeed, the whole world!-in a fresh and enlivening way. Written with the non-theologian in mind, this short volume unpacks the good news of God’s grace with practicality, humour, and a whole lot of heart.



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    Unbelievable, succint primer of the often referred to “Law and Gospel” phrase. For those who really apprectiate writing that appeals to the novice, but doesn’t “baby” the reader. It is precise and it clearly and cleverly teaches this simple but profound concept which takes all of the frustration out of bible. This will make a wonderful difference in your ability to interpret the bible and sermons correctly. Believing a promise is much harder than you think…. I love this book. Thank you Mockingbird. I am buying it for everyone in my bible study!

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