Grace Upon Grace

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Words of comfort are only ideas and platitudes until they touch upon the complexities of life, and all words of comfort that mean anything to lived experience can be summed up by just one: grace. The essential message of the Christian faith, grace is the unremitting love of God the Father in Jesus Christ for all people. It is the scot-free forgiveness of sins, God’s unchanging favor for those who do not deserve it. Despite this good news, we live in a world where it is more shrouded than revealed. Not so with the sermons of David Johnson, who brings the upside-down world of grace into the common corners of our personal lives, whether it is parenthood or marriage, the rat race or the fine print. Using humor and insightful experience, this selection of sermons draws on all the things we love – from Springsteen and Shakespeare, to Marty McFly and T.S. Eliot – to talk about the things that matter. In doing so, Dr. Johnson brings home the very good news of that age-old grace.

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