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My Memaw Was Right – Sarah Condon

Dear Reformation, It’s Not You It’s Me: Theology We Love to Hate – Sarah Condon

Don’t Get Ready for Christmas, Get Ready for Jesus – Sarah Condon

Why Sarah Almost Titled Her Book Prodigal Daughter Who Is the Worst

Why Sarah Almost Titled Her Book Prodigal Daughter Who Is the Worst

Mockingbird’s latest publication, Churchy by Sarah Condon , is flying off the shelves! A hilarious and deeply touching dispatch from the trenches of contemporary life, the book recounts the real life (and grace-saturated) adventures of a wife, mom, and priest as only Sarah can. The introduction alone, excerpted below, features tips on raising churchy kids of your own, and an explanation of the startling white robes seen here: “Are you…

The Anatomy of an Athlete

The Anatomy of an Athlete

…#8217;d be there cheering them on (if not participating). Add to that a “rise from the ashes” story on the heals of last years’ bombings, and you have Oprah-level inspiration just waiting to exude…but Sarah Condon spoke wisdom into the penultimate chaos: Every national tragedy we face (a bombing, a shooting, a natural disaster) becomes a platform for this heroism. Social media outlets are flooded with images of people…

Two Mockingbirds Talk Two Corinthians

Two Mockingbirds Talk Two Corinthians

…table. President Barack Obama, accompanied by first lady Michelle Obama, greets President-elect Donald Trump at the White House in Washington, Friday, Jan. 20, 2017. (AP Photo/Evan Vucci) Last week one of our friends (one of Sarah’s to be specific) mentioned how guilty she felt about not attending a women’s march in protest of the inauguration. Apparently a family member had chastised her for not going. “You can’t go to a freaking march,” Sarah

First Issue of The Mockingbird Now Available!!

The first issue of The Mockingbird, our brand new quarterly magazine, is in the mail! If you signed up for our mailing list, you should have one coming to you, free of charge. If haven’t, sign up before March 1st and we’ll happily send you one. If you want to subscribe, look no further than (Remember, Mockingbird’s monthly donors receive a free subscription!)

In the meantime, here’s the line-up for our maiden voyage.

photo1Paging Doctor Presley: Thoughts on the Healing Hands of King Mockingbird by David Zahl

The Real Real Orange County: Looking Back on MTV’s Laguna Beach by Dan Varley

There Is Nothing the Matter with My Heart: Joseph Conrad’s Lord Jim and My Myth of Me by Zach Williams

For the Record: Mockingbird’s Netflix Queue, Must-Hear TED Talks, A Kurosawa Primer, Top 5 Church Debates, and an Elvis Gospel Playlist

Transformational: The Hidden Spirituality of America’s Great Movement by Ethan Richardson

“Friends Don’t Get Serious”: John Cassavetes, James Baldwin and Tall Tales of Angry Men by Charlotte Hornsby

When a Measure Becomes a Target: Inside the Economics of Repentance by Will McDavid

A New Way to Tell It: An Interview with Francis Spufford (click here for a preview)

A Vision for the Storms by Blake Ian Collier

Coming to Terms with the American Hero Fix by Sarah Condon

Dying to Live: What Are the Side Effects of the Modern Hospital? by R-J Heijmen

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An Ash Wednesday Homily from JAZ

“For the first time in the history of humanity, many of us can live a life where our death might be the first death we see up close. We can die “neatly” in a hospital room with as much or as little family contact as our relationships demand. The cost of this is great: Death is no longer a part of life. Instead, it has become a devastating impossibility that always happens.” – Sarah Condon, Churchy

Kindness Countdowns, First Responders and Human Exhaustion

Kindness Countdowns, First Responders and Human Exhaustion

A timely contribution from Mbird Sarah Condon: In the wake of the bombings in Boston, social media was aflutter with stories about the human response to the tragedy. Numerous articles were shared in the days that followed offering heroic accounts of those who stepped in to offer help and those who placed their own lives at risk. One of the countdowns I kept seeing was this piece on Buzzfeed. There was also this on The Atlantic. Such kindness…

Life Expectancy (In a World of Expectations): A New York Conference Review

Life Expectancy (In a World of Expectations): A New York Conference Review

…o really, any word of relief is a good word. But more and more I’m discovering how much expectations impact me and the concentric circles I find myself a part of. The first talk of the conference was given by my friend Sarah Condon and I felt a certain affinity (that I basically always feel when I hear Sarah speak) when she mentioned her proclivity for listening to National Public Radio–even during the pledge drive. She explained…



…al priest at St. Martin’s Church in Houston, Texas. She went to Yale for Divinity School. And she only drinks organic milk. If you’re starting to feel crappy about your life reading this, please keep in mind that Sarah is deeply neurotic, originally from a state with the highest teen pregnancy rate (I see you, Mississippi), and is Mockingbird’s in-house expert for the Housewives Franchise. She is astonished that God loves and…

SPRING CONFERENCE IN NYC (4/16-18): Starts Today!

Very excited to announce the schedule for our upcoming conference in NYC! For more info on the various speakers, click here. In addition to the sessions below, we can confirm that we’ll have a magician in tow to perform tricks between talks (seriously!). While last-minute walk-ins are always welcome, we ask that if you plan to eat with us, you pre-register beforehand. Online pre-registration closes on Tuesday April 14th.

Thursday April 16th

sidebar_version32:00pm  Pre-Conference museum tour of the Met with Dr. James Romaine (email to sign up)
5:00pm  Registration Opens!
6:30pm  Welcome and Opening Devotion – Jim Munroe
7:00pm  “Clean Slate: Absolution Is Just” – Jacob Smith
7:30pm  Dinner (catered, once again, by The Pixie and the Scout! – click here for the menu)

Friday April 17th

8:15am  Coffee and Registration
9:00am  Welcome and Devotion – Jim Munroe
9:15am  Morning Talks (20-30 minutes each)

  • “Cold Dead Hands: The Everything and Nothing of a Clean Slate” – Sarah Condon
  • “Life at Play” – Jamin Warren

10:15am  Coffee Break
10:30am  Morning Breakouts

  • I’m New Here! What’s Going On? – Jacob Smith & Sarah Condon
  • Even My Slate? Jesus as the Ultimate Mr. Clean – Nick Lannon
  • The Seventh Deadly Sin – Ted Scofield
  • Faith Formed Through Imagination: Sharing the Gospel with our Youngest Members – Melina Smith and Jackie Demarco

11:45am  Lunch
1:00pm  Afternoon Talks

  • “Learning to Look in a Distracted World” – Jim Gilmore
  • “Hidden Holiness: The Experience of Sanctification?” – Will McDavid

2:00pm  Afternoon Breakouts A

  • Olmsted Salon and The Garage: Bridging the Gap Between the Church and the Culture – Dusty Brown & Sam Bush
  • Salty Lamb: The Ludicrous Legacy of Robert Farrar Capon – Ethan Richardson
  • Stories of Grace – John Zahl

3:00pm  Afternoon Breakouts B

  • The Religion of Exercise – Evan Brush
  • Pick Up Your La-Z-Boy and Follow Me: The Theology of False Absolution in Christian Kitsch – Jeremy Coleman & James Romaine
  • All Things Are Lawful! Freedom and Imperatives Under Grace – Jim McNeely

7:00pm  “Accidental Saints and Purpose-Driven Sinners” – Nadia Bolz-Weber
8:00pm  Dinner


Saturday April 18th

8:45am  Coffee
9:15am  Morning Welcome and Devotion – Jim Munroe
9:30am  The Gospel in the 21st Century: An On-Stage Conversation between Nadia Bolz-Weber and Tullian Tchividjian
10:45am  “Lay Down Your Weary Tune” – David Zahl
12:00pm  Conference Ends
12:30pm  Book Table closes
7:30pm  Post-Conference Concert in the Cave: Jazz Conceptions Orchestra featuring Dusty Brown and Melanie Penn (suggested donation $10)