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November Playlist

Not easy to find tracks that fit the quincentennial theme…

October Playlist

Bonus Track: In light of the horrible news out of Las Vegas today, I commend to you Russell Brand’s video response, “When Mass Murder Becomes Normal – What Does It Tell Us About America?”. If you, like me, think it might be a little soon to be drawing conclusions, just be sure to watch til the end. His new book, Recovery, is out tomorrow.

September Playlist

I didn’t know Jakob Dylan (and co) had been writing songs like that either…

(Belated) August Playlist

First order of post-sabbatical business–other than resisting the (alarmingly strong) temptation to fend off the full range of human emotions re: Saturday–is to thank our amazing team for all their hard work these past three months. The Love and Death issue turned out so top-notch that I’m not sure whether I should be proud or embarrassed… Same with The Very Persistent Pirate! Sheesh. (That book is now available on Amazon, btw – those who’ve experienced its charms are warmly invited to contribute a review over there, as it aids the book’s visibility). If it’s a mercy to be reminded of one’s dispensability, I’ve been mightily blessed.

That said, when it comes to crafting monthly playlists, my colleagues may still have something to learn. To wit:

P.S. Check out the reduced prices for the DC Conference! (Yours truly could not be more pumped).

Summer Playlist

May Playlist

Those who attended JAZ’s breakout session in NYC may recognize a few numbers:

p.s. Anyone interested in worship music would do well to check out that Andy Squyres record, Cherry Blossoms – holy moly it’s good.

April Playlist

A little late, but no less sweet:

P.S. After Monday we can no longer guarantee food at the conference. Please pre-register ASAP if you’re planning on eating. Thanks!

March Playlist

Someone Left the February Playlist Out in the Rain

A clutch of tunes this month from the original “rock n roll Christian”, Jimmy Webb, to pluck and/or sever our heartstrings in time for Valentines:

January Playlist

Time to ring in the new year with a new playlist (and a new article for Christianity Today, “500 Years After the Reformation, We Still Feel the Pressure to Be Justified”). Gulp gulp triple gulp:

P.S. I had help on that article (from a good family friend my favorite theologian.)

December Playlist: Happy Birthday Baby Jesus 2016

Don’t rat me out to the Advent police — here’s this year’s Xmas mix.

November Playlist: Golden Oldies

Been a while since I attempted a thematic playlist, so here goes. Originally wanted this to be solely Jericho-related, but alas, I had to pad it out with some other, er, oldies.