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October Playlist

To make sure that (amazing) Gold Connections song gets turned into an album, click here.

September Playlist

Ever wonder what it’s like to get pummeled by power? -Pop then -ballads? Cause you’re about to find out:

August Playlist

An abundance power pop this time around… You’re welcome.

Thirteen Songs About Forgiveness Not Written By Don Henley

Thirteen Songs About Forgiveness Not Written By Don Henley

Excited to offer up the following taste of the new issue of The Mockingbird:

“The song that launched a thousand sermons” is one way to describe Don Henley’s 1989 single “The Heart of the Matter”. Mark our words: the composition will outlive anything else the ornery Walden Pond advocate has written, “Hotel California” included—for no other reason than the fact that it still gets routinely name-checked in Sunday sermons across the world, more than 25 years after it was released. Of course, it is a great song. Even those who harbor reservations about The Eagles (e.g., Jeff Lebowski) recognize its power;…

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July Playlist

June Playlist

As a special bonus this time, we’re proud to get to debut the title song from the forthcoming record There Will Be Rest by the ultra-talented Blake Flattley (who you may know from such places as Our Saviour NYC). You can listen to the song at the end of the playlist, or download the song by clicking here. The release party happens in NYC on June 26.

May Playlist

April Playlist

March Playlist

It’s a Lenten Britpop girl-group extravaganza!


February Playlist

January Playlist

We’re experimenting with a new format for our playlists. Hope you dig and Happy New Year!

P.S. That amazing Nettles song is an Mbird exclusive. Check out their stuff here.

December Mix: Happy Birthday Baby Jesus 2014


Growing up the son of a liturgical Episcopal priest, Christmas music was verboten in our house until after the 4th Sunday in Advent. So, it makes me nervous when Dave makes me post my Xmas mix right as December dawns… Anywho, Jing Jing A Ling! Let me know what rings your bell.