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May Playlist

How the Webb Was Woven: April Playlist

How the Webb Was Woven: April Playlist

“You really should listen to this guy”, he said. “A couple of the songs on his new record remind me of what you were saying tonight.”

“I don’t really listen to Christian music”, I responded, half seriously.

“Yeah, um, well, your loss. There’s a strong Yankee Hotel Foxtrot vibe on his new one.”

I’m not proud of the exchange, which took place back in 2005. I had just given a talk to some high school students, and one of the older boys had wanted to engage afterward by telling me about musician Derek Webb. I’d given him…

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March Playlist

February Playlist: Bowie’s Last Score

Haven’t done one of these dedicated lists in a while, but since he’s all I’ve been listening to this past month, it felt appropriate. The rules are: 1. Every song had to have been recorded some time in Bowie’s final two decades-ish (1995-2015) and 2. It couldn’t have been released as a single, i.e., deep cuts only. Pretty happy with it! Presented in chronological order:

January Playlist

Happy Birthday Baby Jesus 2015


November Playlist

A Soundtrack For All Hallow’s Eve, Pt. II

A Soundtrack For All Hallow’s Eve, Pt. II

In the second half of our short series on Halloween music, here are Ian Olson‘s selections with my commentary.

”Saignee/revelations” by Year of No Lightée-révélations.mp3

I: Year of No Light brought their blackened sludge to bear on Carl Theodor Dreyer’s classic film Vampyr (my favorite horror film, incidentally) in 2013 and succeeded in crafting a very peculiar and yet very fitting soundtrack to this unorthodox classic. Though separated by eighty years (!), this soundtrack succeeds in encapsulating the film’s aesthetic: the diffusion of darkness as light.

This song negotiates a difficult balancing act, poised at the juncture of three very disparate moods: stately, yet ethereal,…

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A Soundtrack For All Hallow’s Eve, Pt. I

A Soundtrack For All Hallow’s Eve, Pt. I

Because Ian Olson and myself could not quite leave it alone without making our devilish imprint on Mbird during the Halloween season, we decided to each choose a five song playlist, explain them and then comment on the other’s choices. What follows are Blake’s choices with commentary by Ian.

“Hurdy Gurdy Man” by Donovan

B: Scottish singer-songwriter Donovan wrote this track after a visit to India and the lyrics themselves are saturated with a typical concoction of various Eastern/mystical ideals with a fuzzy center. It is not really remembered for its lyrics so much as its surreal and rather unnerving atmosphere: acoustic guitar…

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October Playlist

To make sure that (amazing) Gold Connections song gets turned into an album, click here.

September Playlist

Ever wonder what it’s like to get pummeled by power? -Pop then -ballads? Cause you’re about to find out:

August Playlist

An abundance power pop this time around… You’re welcome.