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Someone Left the February Playlist Out in the Rain

A clutch of tunes this month from the original “rock n roll Christian”, Jimmy Webb, to pluck and/or sever our heartstrings in time for Valentines:

January Playlist

Time to ring in the new year with a new playlist (and a new article for Christianity Today, “500 Years After the Reformation, We Still Feel the Pressure to Be Justified”). Gulp gulp triple gulp:

P.S. I had help on that article (from a good family friend my favorite theologian.)

December Playlist: Happy Birthday Baby Jesus 2016

Don’t rat me out to the Advent police — here’s this year’s Xmas mix.

November Playlist: Golden Oldies

Been a while since I attempted a thematic playlist, so here goes. Originally wanted this to be solely Jericho-related, but alas, I had to pad it out with some other, er, oldies.

From the Archives(ish): Like Dylan in the 80s

From the Archives(ish): Like Dylan in the 80s

In honor of this year’s winner of the Nobel Prize in Literature–couldn’t resist expanding/doubling the length:

Call me a heretic, but I consider Bob Dylan to be something of a prophet. The man not only sees the world with astounding clarity and verticality, he shares that vision with others in ways that are as luminous as they often are perplexing. And he’s done so without compromise or deference to fashion. Well, at least, minimal deference to fashion (exhibit A, right). Put it down to having been transfigured.

Nowhere is this more evident than in his work from the 1980s, a period unfairly…

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October Playlist

September Playlist

August Playlist

July Playlist

June Playlist

New feature: See if you can spot the JAZ pick.

May Playlist

How the Webb Was Woven: April Playlist

How the Webb Was Woven: April Playlist

“You really should listen to this guy”, he said. “A couple of the songs on his new record remind me of what you were saying tonight.”

“I don’t really listen to Christian music”, I responded, half seriously.

“Yeah, um, well, your loss. There’s a strong Yankee Hotel Foxtrot vibe on his new one.”

I’m not proud of the exchange, which took place back in 2005. I had just given a talk to some high school students, and one of the older boys had wanted to engage afterward by telling me about musician Derek Webb. I’d given him…

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