Exciting news: we’ve just dropped the first new episode of The Mockingcast in eight months, complete with fresh artwork and music (ht JAZ), as well as the debut of new co-host RJ Heijmen! Among other subjects, David, Sarah, and RJ talk Disneyland, church aunts, harassment, male libido, Advent, and the difference between justice and revenge.

Click here or on the image above to listen and/or subscribe. And remember, our feed changed over the hiatus, so if you think you’re already subscribed, you may not be. (Oh and the iTunes reviews and ratings didn’t survive the hiatus either, so if you feel so inclined… it’d be a huge help). You can go here to access the links we discuss on the program.

Thank you x 1million for your patience. We’ll have another episode in two weeks!

p.s. Those suffering interview-withdrawal are enthusiastically encouraged to check out Scott Jones’s wonderful Give and Take podcast.