Today we celebrate the birth of everyone’s favorite Mbird board president, Paul Walker!

Of course, Paul also happens to be our all-time favorite preacher, so in honor of the occasion, we thought we’d offer up a couple of his greatest hits:

I Will Begin Again (Bono Vox)

Family First (Arrested Development)

For more PW-goodness, including a podcast of his recent sermons, check out the Anglican College Ministry website. A number of the printed versions have been collected in a fantastic little volume called “Sermons From the Cathedral Church Of The Advent”, which you can purchase here. We leave you with two excerpts from it:

“There is nothing more important than Jesus crying from the cross, ‘It is finished!’ This is why I dread people finding out what I do when I’m playing golf or if I sit in on a poker game. Inevitably, when guys find out that I’m a minister, the comments about no drinking, cussing, betting, or smoking come. Generally, I’ll politely tolerate the comments, but inside I’m thinking, give me a break. Although the poor guys who innocently and usually good-humoredly crack these worn jokes don’t realize it, what they’re doing is attempting to reduce Christianity – with its core the man on the cross crying ‘It is finished’ – to surface morality.” (pg. 72-73)

“Christianity, on the other hand, is not a religion at all – it’s the end of religion. Christianity reverses the thing completely. Christianity says that man is incapable of getting himself right with God no matter how hard he tries. But God doesn’t leave us there. He’s not content to let the chasm lie between us because that chasm is death. So since we can’t come to God, He comes to us.” (pg. 147)